Concept to Completion

We Can Build A Welding Program To Fit Your Company

Quality Control Programs

We build a program that fits your individual company needs and is compliant in most countries.

Quality Control Manuals

Our manuals are compliant with ASME and AWS. Easily obtain your code stamp with our product.


Just like our manuals, our WPS, PQR, and WPQ documents are also compliant with ASME and AWS.


No time to qualify your welders? Let us handle the qualifications and provide the documentation to support the qualification.

Experienced CWI

An experienced CWI sets through this process from start to completion.

Real World Experience

Our services have been utilized in this industry for years. From hundreds of employees to just one, we can create an effective program to fit your needs.

Code Checked Documents

Unlike many online, we only provide code checked documents. We have corrected thousands of “pencil whipped” documents.


We partner with NDE and API inspectors to give our clients the ability to have turn-key solutions for their projects.


Cost Of A Welding Program

Estimated percentages of a welding program.

10% Forms and documents directly tied to your company. These are typically included in the rear of the Quality Control Manual.
15% Code compliance books and references such as ASME, AWS and NBIC.
20% Outlines how your company must operate to deliver a quality product. Essentially, it’s a manual full of required steps.
25% Depending on what kind of work you perform, one of these certifications may be required.
30% Most companies share field employees. Employees move around to get top pay and continuous work. This typically means requalifying many employees.